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Hotel No

Technology partnering with bespoke, unique property on the cutting edge

One of kind boutique hotel in urban rooftop location
6 vintage airstream trailers in hidden city setting
RMS Hotel for independant, boutique hotel operations
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Like no other hotel

Six chrome air-stream trailers, completely refitted as designer urban accommodation in the heart of Melbourne CBD. All six air-streams are positioned speak-easy style, perched on the roof of a nondescript Melbourne car park. A night at Hotel No is about exploration; getting out to discover Melbourne’s winding laneways, top-class restaurants, the city’s hidden gems and returning to a unique urban oasis high above it all.

Business challenge
Finding a powerful PMS system that could accelerate HOTEL NO’s bespoke offering

Disrupting the Melbourne accommodation industry with such an innovative concept, HOTEL NO needed an equally innovative property management system to keep their business moving forward. The power, flexibility and customisable elements of RMS was the perfect solution for HOTEL NO and could offer everything the boutique brand needed to provide a seamless and streamlined guest experience.

What a little gem of a hotel (that's not a hotel!) It really is an experience as opposed to a place to rest your head.
Verified Hotel No Guest
Product implementation
Making the most of the many RMS features and functionalities at their fingertips

RMS is a robust property management system that covers everything from reservation and rate management to in-depth reporting and guest marketing. HOTEL NO utilised the majority of features within the RMS application to enhance their offering and get the very most out of the technology. As a leader in the experiential accommodation space, HOTEL NO's contemporary setting, exploratory concept and digitalised guest journey keep them on the cutting edge of the scene in Melbourne. With RMS' leading technology, HOTEL NO can continue accelerating their growth, automating their business operations and delivering a guest-focused experience.

Custom automated access partner empowers smartphone keys

Hotel No selected a solution with one of RMS' hand-picked door lock partners to enable app-based smartphone entry for a speedy guest check-in.

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Instant guest messaging enhances the adventure

Hotel No use the two-way SMS functionality to send pre and post-stay texts to nurture guest relationships and add a level of personalisation to every guests experience.

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RMS proudly delivering this unique Melbourne experience
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6 chrome vintage
airstream trailers
1 secret Melbourne
laneway entrance
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I REST API enabled
custom booking platform
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Yield managed across 10 online booking platforms
Hotel No Melbourne partners with RMS

We are all about having an experience-based accommodation that is different in every way shape and form to a hotel. Every opportunity to be different, we are different.

James Fry  Founder, Hotel No

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