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A totally new approach to student accommodation

Wee Hur is a real-estate strong hold within the APAC that develop residential properties, workers dormitories, and student accommodation under Y Suites in some of the major cities in Asia and APAC. Y Suites are a student accommodation brand that provide a ‘home away from home’ for students. They provide accessible and comfortable living for students with all the amenities at affordable rates.

Business challenge
Wee Hur upgrade PMS to support global growth ambitions

Wee Hur identified that to support their rapid global growth over the last decade and continue to expand into new markets, they needed to adopt a PMS provider that was innovative and efficient. With Wee Hurs accelerated global growth they required a PMS system that can support multiple new and existing properties, save on un utilised costs and operationally manage their enterprise in one centralised platform.

We are not slowing down our development and have on-going construction of new facilities. We chose RMS as their platform can keep pace with our rapid scaling.
Peter Scott Senior Development Manager
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Product implementation

RMS deploys customised solution to meet Wee Hur's specific requirements 

RMS enabled Wee Hur to set up an all-in-one integrated PMS system that is tailor to the needs of their students including, bookings by bed and room, ability to accept monthly and annual payments, send out triggered correspondence with payment links, offer 2-way communication with parents and create student meal plans within the cloud-based system. RMS has also ensured that staff received adequate support to be able to manage any new updates and transitions.


Highly configurable system builds flexibility 

RMS offers tailor-made tools to suit complex properties such as Wee Hur's with bookings, revenue & custom inventory management that is built for purpose.

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Dedicated support delivers projects of scale

RMS support centres around the world ensure 24/7 support that can facilitate smooth business operations even for the largest operations.

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RMS powering the minds of the future with Wee Hur

1000's of beds across Australia

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Development pipeline of $950M

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4 new
secured locations

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78% occupancy through year

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Student accommodation will bounce back post-COVID and by partnering with RMS, Wee Hur is well-placed to capitalise on the revival of this sector.

Peter Scott  Senior Development Manager
Partnership Outcomes
Long-range partnership that is aligned on the roadmap to success

Wee Hur and RMS Cloud have built a strong relationship over the last two years, working closely together, RMS’ ongoing partnership has helped to establish their brand Y Suites and streamline their student accommodation in the APAC. RMS has provided Wee Hur with continuous product updates and enhancements based catered to best suit their growing property requirements.

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