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Bannisters 2

Delivering the gourmet Bannisters experience with a cloud-based solution

Luxury holiday destinations with renowned restaurants 
2 full-service hotels in coastal Australia.
Enterprise management software for luxury hotels
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Iconic Australian coastal escape in style

Bannisters offer iconic Australian coastal accommodation in two beautifully positioned all-inclusive hotels. Both locations consist of a variety of luxury style accommodation showcasing beautiful panoramic views of the coast, Australian treetops and providing local gourmet dining. An escape that is designed for couples wanting to enjoy the serenity of a true Australian holiday.

Business challenge
All-inclusive end-to-end luxury experience with one PMS

The Bannisters offer all-inclusive accommodation that includes a luxury spa, activities, premium dining and bars for guests. Bannisters identified they required a new PMS solution that supports their guest offerings whilst integrating with their POS, further, have an all-in-one reservation system that would help improve direct bookings, manage occupancy rates and offer intuitive dynamic pricing. Features the previous PMS provider lacked was a reliable solution for transparent and centralised software for all staff.

If you get the pillars of hospitality management right then everything flows from there. Your technology is paramount.
Peter Bacon General Manager 
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Product implementation

Dynamic pricing ups the ante for the Bannisters properties

RMS Cloud's dynamic property management system has allowed Bannisters to advance their luxury hospitality offering and improve online bookings with one cloud-based solution. Providing Bannisters with the right tools such as an all-in-one reservation system has helped to manage bookings, increase occupancy and simplify rate changes with an automated rate manager. RMS have also provided world class hardware that supports staff with our user-friendly interface and makes EOD account reconciliation easy.

Latest hardware for your POS that integrates seamlessly

RMS provides durable and easy to use hardware for any hospitality POS, that stores accounts in one central location and streamlines EOD accounting.

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Dynamic pricing and all-in-one booking management

Centralise your rate management tools in one place to easily manage bookings and improve occupancy rates with RMS’ auto pricing tool.

Fine dining at Bannisters Guest at Bannisters
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Meeting guest expectations at Bannisters made easy with RMS technology
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2 stunning experiential
destination hotels
1 celebrity chef delivering
world-famous dining
Integrated RMS POS touchpoint throughout venues
Guest experience rated
4.8 on average
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What we like about RMS is that they listen. If we have something we need, they’ll adapt. It’s important to work with companies heading in the same direction.

Peter Bacon  General Manager
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