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Day Spa Management Solutions

Innovative cloud technology for
day spas

With 40 years' experience in PMS technology, RMS Cloud are global leaders in providing enterprise property management solutions for Day Spa’s. Our comprehensive cloud-based management system can handle the demanding requests of any spa operations with our highly integrated software design just for spas. From managing beautician room bookings, point of sale, client and staff management, and stock control, RMS can transform your operations to seamlessly help manage your day spa.

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Trusted by the biggest day spa brands in the world

The complete day spa tech solution 

Improve how you manage your day spa with advance technology that saves you and your staff time and creates better customer experiences.
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Scalable solutions for your day spa

Centralise your operations and streamline your Spa bookings with tailor-made features that help you grow your operations and increase your bottom line.

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Quickly book rooms with beauticians



SpaOne integration for guest profiles

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Reconcile all your spa expenses & accounts in one system


Flexible payment options so guests can charge back to their rooms


Maximise your day spa with one PMS

RMS Cloud offers enterprise property management software with innovative solutions that streamline your operations from one centralised location. Whether you are managing a small team of beauticians with niche booking requests or a large-scale day spa menus in multiple locations, RMS provides you with the right customisable features that help maximise your operations that create smooth guest experiences.


Direct online bookings from your website

RMS’ robust property management system has all the tools you need to manage your day spa from any device, any location and at any time. Easily manage room bookings and add spa packages to rooms from RMS’ intuitive dashboard. Using the IBE channel manager, you can coordinate your rates and availability with options to automate your pricing. 


A detailed guest experience

Our customer centric management software provides memorable experiences with RMS’ built-in guest preference feature. Allow staff to remember guests' favourite treatments so you can repackage and offer personalised marketing - an easy way to retain customers and keep them coming back.


Customised Day Spa management technology for your venue

The built-in native channel manager within RMS has saved our revenue manager so much time!
Luke Percival
IT Operations Manager, Saltwater Properties
The built-in native channel manager within RMS has saved our revenue manager so much time!
Luke Percival
IT Operations Manager, Saltwater Properties
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