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Powerful technology seamlessly unifies 40 Canadian community village locations

Lifestyle resort villages & community living
40 locations throughout Canada
Cloud-based PMS enterprise solution
Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities
Residential living and resort villages in 40 locations across Canada.

Delivering multi-purpose residential land lease communities for senior citizens, recreational holidays and managed marinas. The communities are expertly managed and offer a laid-back lifestyle for the discerning travellers or long-term residents who love the outdoors.

Business challenge
Finding a property management solution to support growth 

Parkbridge established that they needed an enterprise-level solution that can support growth and meet their evolving needs across an expanding network of properties. The previous provider lacked depth in offering a flexible platform that could onboard multiple properties and could not create customised management channels including length of stay and invoicing capabilities for each of their properties and residents.

RMS provides all the key technological requirements that Parkbridge is looking for, in one platform.
Sherri Coburn VP of IT and Business Solutions
Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities for Senior citizens
Product implementation
A fully customisable journey for customer success

RMS Clouds’ dynamic property management system has allowed Parkbridge to advance their parks and accommodation business by implementing contactless guest facing features with a cloud-based solution. RMS was the first PMS provider to offer a safe contactless solution for guests in vulnerable and elderly communities with tools such as self check-in and easy document uploads to a guest portal. RMS also assisted in creating a fully customisable journey to suit Parkbridges’ diverse property portfolio helping manage parks individually and as a group, enabling efficient management reporting across multiple park locations.


Flexibility creates the perfect solution

RMS Cloud’s customisable technology empowers seamless operations across Parkbridges' entire portfolio.

RGB_Navy_Tech Ecosystem
Advanced all-in-one technology ecosystem

Benefit from PMS, POS, channel management, booking engine and 500+ integrations plus more.

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RMS creating communities all over Canada with Parkbridge
White_House Letting
40 lifestyle destinations across Canada
1000's of full-time
& long-term tenants
White_Property Management Alt
Mix of property types in one unified database
White_Up Time
5.6% increase in occupancy rates YOY
Parkbridge Lifestyle Village

RMS provides everything that Parkbridge is looking for such as online bookings, enhanced user experience, dynamic pricing, automated correspondence, multi-language support, strong financial audit controls, and business intelligence.

Sherri Coburn  VP of IT and Business Solutions
Partnership outcomes
Setting new standards with cloud-based management solutions

RMS and Parkbridge have created a successful partnership, bringing new standards to the Parkbridge management team and customer service offering across 40 park locations. RMS’ cloud-based software has given Parkbridge the tools to enhance their business with quick data sharing, contactless solutions and transparency across all properties. Since joining RMS, Parkbridge have been able to save time and better utilise their resources that can now be used for other guest facing areas of the business.

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