Vic Parks 2017 Power Hour

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Technology has changed our lives and many would argue that the change is mostly for the good! But with this change – and this continues at a frightening pace – come challenges and opportunities. 

The reality is that technology has changed the way your guests book their holidays. Your online presence is critically important to your business and your ability to maximize revenue and manage your costs. It is estimated that around 75% of online bookings happen via Online Travel Agents - for which you are paying a hefty commission! While most Park Operators would love to generate 100% of their bookings direct through their website (without the need to pay commission) direct bookings come at a considerable cost too. While it may make sense on paper that steering guests to book direct will be a more cost-effective strategy, it may be a different story when trying to implement online marketing strategies. 

Get your online strategy and mix right and you can maximize revenue yield, make lots of money (and save considerable cost). Get it wrong and the consequences can be ongoing and disastrous! 

At the ‘Drive Bookings To Your Website - Save Channel & OTA Fees’ hosted and chaired by RMS - The Hospitality Cloud, leading industry experts will share their knowledge and experience and illustrate strategies to maximize your online bookings. 

Come and listen to the leading industry experts:  

LUKE WEUFFEN (RMS Online Specialist)

Luke is an expert in online strategies and works with RMS larger corporate customers, both in the park and hotel sectors, to maximize their online presence.


KATH MASSEY (Massey Online Management) 

Kath is the leading consultant to the Australian holiday park industry in search engine optimization, marketing and online bookings.The team at Massey Online Management are passionate advocates of Australian tourism and the holiday park industry and feel fortunate to have found a way to promote both.


NICOLE LACEY (Riverglen Holiday Park)

Nicole manages the Lacey family owned Riverglen Holiday Park in Geelong.They manage all rates and online OTA’s on their own using the RMS Online and Channel Management functionality and modules, and have seen significant increases in online revenue year on year. 

Don’t miss out! 

With so many potential strategies, variations and pitfall, every Park Operator is guaranteed to pick up some tricks to boost online sales and increase revenue (almost instantaneously) and equally importantly understand how to manage their online risk.