Top Parks Conference 2017

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RMS are excited to both be a platinum sponsor and to attend this year's Top Parks Conference, which is, for the first time, being held overseas. At Member’s request this year's Conference will be held in picturesque Phuket and bustling town of Patong.

The Conference will be taking place from Saturday 14th October - Thursday 19th October 2017. The event will be a great opportunity to mix business with pleasure, celebrate successes and network, with a mix of Business Sessions and Team Building, while also having plenty of time to explore the area, from the unbelievable food to the lush green lands.

To get you started we have complied some of the 10 most interesting and intriguing  facts about Phuket

1. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, stretching over 222sq miles (that's just under the size of Singapore)

2. The word Phuket actually means Mountain Jewel.

3.Phuket is known for it's beaches, in particular Patong which is the biggest tourist attractions for the island, but there are actually 36 beaches in total spanning the island.

4. An island in Phuket was used in the 1974 Bond movie, "The man with the golden gun" after this, the island was remanded James Bond island.

5. Phuket boasts a 45 metre-tall marble Buddha with supposedly some of the best views on the island.

6. The island has a vegetarian festival every year lasting around 8 days; this festival is a huge part of the island's calendar.

7. 60% of Phuket is covered with forrest, rubber and palm oil plantations.

8. The island has no major rivers.

9. On the 12th month of their calendar (November) during a full moon, Loy Kratong is celebrated by releasing little floats mad of leaves, flowers and incense on the water.

10. Aside from tourism, Latex, frozen fish, pineapples, palm oil and cashew nuts are the main source of income.


Phuket really does seem to be the 8th wonder of the world, from the never ending numbers of beautiful beaches to a wealth of history embedded in and around the island, there's something for everyone. Don't forget to come and say 'Hi' to our RMS' staff while there, they will be on hand to answer any of your RMS questions while also explaining our vast array of features and functionality.

Wishing everyone at Top Parks a safe and enjoyable journey.