RMS announces connection with SpeedyBooker

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Introduction to SpeedyBooker

SpeedyBooker was founded by Charlie Ramsay in 2007 when he had the idea of helping his College at the University of Oxford fill their rooms in the vacations.  Since then, the service has expanded as a supplementary source of booking for bed and breakfasts, hotels, hostels, apartments, holiday lets, and caravan parks in 18 countries. Over 400,000 bookings have been processed.

They are headquartered in Bury St Edmunds, UK, with a small team in Asia Pacific.

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Why should properties list with SpeedyBooker?

  1. No sign-up fees – SpeedyBooker works on a commission basis, so properties only pay when they deliver a booking.
  2. Network of sites – one agreement with SpeedyBooker yet exposure across multiple websites, meaning extra traffic and bookings for no extra effort.  The Caravan Rentals website is due for launch soon.
  3. Easy to manage – update availability, prices and details through RMS.
  4. Support the Environment - SpeedyBooker gives a small contribution from every booking (at no extra cost to properties or customers) to World Land Trust.  By working with SpeedyBooker, you are contributing to this success story.  


Special Offer

Sign up to benefit from a specially discounted 12.5% commission rate (vs standard 15%) for RMS properties, for a limited period: Learn more here

Customer ratings

As of 22 August 2019 there are 26,401 customer reviews of their websites:

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