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6 key ingredients to manage your property successfully

Just like your favourite meal cooked to perfection, your property management software must contain the right ingredients to suit you and your tastebuds (or business in this case). At RMS, we understand that each property is unique, which is why our software doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter formula. Elements can be easily tailored to suit your property, and you can pick and choose from our wide range of functions, giving you more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

We've cooked up our biggest ever software update and unveiled a fresh UI as well as a cup full of enhancements to create a better, more focused user experience. Build your perfect hospitality ecosystem with the following components:

1. A heaped spoonful of productivity to boost efficiency 

Our feature-rich software is the key to property management productivity. Automating and simplifying tasks so that you can spend more time with your guests is RMS’ bread and butter. In our most recent live release, we took customer feedback on board and refreshed our UI with a user-driven design. We gave the software a much more modern look and feel to help increase efficiencies even more. We replaced superfluous text with intuitive iconography to free up limited screen space and re-organised tabs and menus into a more logical flow. Each user can also now customise and rearrange the top toolbar with the feature shortcuts they use most often, cutting back on clicks.

2. Sieve through the on-screen clutter

With so much information at our fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and get lost in the sea of property data. When redesigning the UI, we wanted to simplify your PMS experience, cutting out the excess ingredients and focusing on what matters. Our unrivalled all-in-one reservation screen is a prime example; locate guest, reservation and account details at a glance from a single, clutter-free screen. With improved visibility over your guest information, you can pave the way for a smarter workflow.

3. A seamless blend of integrations

Our range of third-party connections allows you to streamline connectivity and take your business to the next level. We’ve made it even easier for you to integrate with partners by introducing the RMS Module Market, a self-service tool available via your PMS. Browse over 50 partners who offer modules for door locks, boom gates, CRMs and more to create your customised PMS environment.

4. A serving of speedy check-ins for a contactless guest experience

Cut down on wait times and offer a safe, contact-free experience by inviting guests to check-in early via the digital guest portal, whilst maintaining service levels. You can use the triggered functionality in your PMS to send a personalised message to guests prior to their arrival asking them to complete the pre-check-in via their digital device. No need to invest in expensive, bulky hardware when guests have a personal kiosk in the palm of their hand. We’ve also accelerated the key collection process, by launching cloud-based key cutting functionality. You can now cut keys directly within the RMS platform, reducing disruptions and further increasing efficiency, giving you more time to focus on delivering an exceptional guest experience.

5. An extract of relevant reports

When it comes to enhancements, we’re always looking for ways to boost your productivity and save you time. In this instance, we primarily looked at keeping your inboxes up-to-date and free from clutter by improving scheduled reports. We’ll send quarterly notifications to your message centre asking if you still want to run certain reports, so you can keep the ones you need and remove the ones you don’t.

6. An added layer of data protection

Security protocols don’t add much flavour to your business but without them, there’s a higher risk of collapse. Protecting sensitive guest and business data is a crucial factor that should never be compromised; that’s why we offer (and highly recommend enabling) two-factor authentication and password policies to defend your database and prevent unauthorised users from accessing your account. Our standalone security menu in RMS gives you all the information you need to ensure the appropriate action is taken.

Whisk together these not-so-secret ingredients to success and watch your business grow and thrive. Having been in this industry for over 30 years, we know exactly what drives revenue and guest satisfaction, which is why we’re constantly innovating to bring you the very best in property management software. Trusted by more than 6,000 properties worldwide, our software is smart, powerful and unrivalled by any other in the PMS industry. 

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