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Experience next level support, powered by Zendesk

At RMS, our commitment to constant innovation extends well beyond our core software offering – which is exactly why we’re upgrading our support and ticketing platform. We’re proud to be partnering with Zendesk to provide an amplified, intuitive solution for our property managers that delivers better results, in less time.

The transition to Zendesk has already begun, with our first APAC properties already receiving their access and diving straight into the new system. Our global rollout is carefully staged to ensure a smooth rollout and close guidance for our properties as they make the transition.

What do I need to do?

When your property is migrated to Zendesk, your Primary System Admin will receive an email with further instructions on how to set up their account and submit tickets with the new system.

If you're currently able to log a Support Ticket, keep an eye out for an invite from – this will be your key to officially migrating to our new Zendesk platform.

To get the most out of Zendesk and have a smooth transition, please review the articles below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local support office.

Getting started with Zendesk

1. What will happen to my current outstanding service requests?
Any open tickets currently for your property will be migrated to the new platform to continue to be actioned.

2. Can we still contact support?
Yes, our support team can still be reached via our support lines – find your local office here.

3. What will happen to my service request history?
Historic service requests will no longer be accessible with the move to Zendesk. If you require assistance with a previous ticket, please contact our support team.

4. Are 'Support Tickets' the same as 'Service Requests'?
When your property is migrated to Zendesk, 'Service Requests' will be replaced by 'Support Tickets' in the RMS 9+ Help Menu.


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