Triggered Correspondence creates automated rules that facilitate communication with your guests at specific points, before, during or after their stay.

Triggered Correspondence allows you to increase guest engagement with effective communication, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction. Create a simple welcome message or easily communicate an important announcement.

You can communicate with your guests whenever desired by setting triggered correspondence for specific times and events. RMS communication features are effective when used for marketing, operations or simply to generate guest interaction.

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Key Features

TriggeredCorrespondence GuestMarketing RMS

Direct Marketing

Form greater customer relationships by targeting specific individuals with personalised messaging.

Set theRulesTriggeredCorrespondence RMS

Set the Rules

Communicate with your guests whenever desired, setting the triggered correspondence for specific times or events.

SMS GuestMarketing RMS

SMS or Email

Send cost effective messages via SMS or email.

“Increase your revenue, profits & customer satisfaction levels.”

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