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How To Attract Long-Term Stay Campers at Your Campsite

As a campground manager, maximizing your bookings to generate revenue is a top priority. Bringing in long-term campers can be a great business opportunity for building a loyal customer base. Attracting these long-term campers to your campground can also enable your property to be booked for a guaranteed number of days, which helps increase your overall profit. 

This means that when viewing your campsite booking system’s reservations, long-term stays are a must-have for your peace of mind. Here are a few ways to attract campers and become the best campground for comfortable and convenient long-term stays.

Offer Great Amenities at Your Campground

When a camper is staying for several weeks instead of a few short days, they are more likely to dig deeper into your campground’s offerings. 

Popular amenities include:

  • The basics: electricity and water. 
  • Wi-Fi packages allowing campers to work remotely or check in with their networks.
  • Add-ons, such as a fire pit or grill area, for guests to cook their meals.

By offering these convenient amenities at your campsite, visitors will have everything they need for an extended getaway. 

Review the Pet Policy at Your Property

Pet policies are not a negative component of your business plan, but if you do not currently allow animals on the property, you may want to update the policy to allow pets at the campground — with a few guidelines.  

Many travelers are pet owners, and they could specifically be looking for campgrounds that allow their pet on the property. However, loose dogs can pose a danger to your campers and could be a liability. 

Consider having an on-leash or tie policy, as well as a pet waste disposal area to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your property while allowing long-term guests to bring Fido along for the trip.

Make Sure You Have a Great Product

Long-term campers may want to take advantage of every aspect of your campground — from nature trails to a nearby lake. However, they need to know ahead of time what makes your campsite special. Take advantage of your campsite booking software by incorporating marketing campaigns that target long-term campers.

You can showcase the beauty of your property to long-term guests by:

  • Posting and emailing photos and videos of the most attractive areas of your campsite, whether it’s the mountains, a beautiful river, or another area that makes your campsite stand out.
  • Sharing a list of fun activities your guests can participate in nearby such as zoos, special events, and other fun outings.
  • Recommending outdoor activities that can be done on or near your property such as hiking, fishing, or kayaking.

Showcase the Entertainment Provided at Your Campground

Food trucks, game nights, and bonfires are all great activities that guests can enjoy during their long-term stay. You can send notes and messages directly to your guests via your campsite scheduling software to promote your entertainment offerings and even send updates should there be any changes to the schedule. To ensure a higher attendance rate, you can also use your scheduling software to send same-day text reminders about showings or activities to in-house guests who opted in to these events.

Build Up Your Reputation

Since long-term campers invest more time and money into their stay at your campground, they tend to do thorough research when deciding on where to book. Focus on expanding your online reviews, particularly from other long-term guests, so that these campers will be excited about making a reservation with you.

You can use your campsite booking system to send emails to your past campers thanking them for their stay. In this same email, try including a link for them to leave a review at their convenience. 

Additionally, train your staff to focus on personalized customer service so long-term campers feel that they are an important part of your business. Continuous training is a great way to provide the best experience at your campground.

Offer Special Discounts and Packages for Long-Term Guests

An incentive could help turn your short-term guests into long-term guests.

Extended stay offers might include:

  • Discounted rates, especially during the slow season.
  • A package deal that includes add-ons, like complimentary breakfast or BBQ nights with a one week minimum reservation.
  • Loyalty programs with other special offers for long-term campers who book more than one extended stay.

By having multiple incentives for long-term reservations, you have a greater chance of catching the attention of a wider variety of campers.

Communicate and Market Appropriately by Understanding Your Guests

Marketing is the ultimate tool for showcasing your property and attracting long-term campers. Take advantage of the latest marketing opportunities such as a compelling website, an attractive social media page, and direct communication with campers through your campground reservation system.

Use open communication and top-notch customer service in coordination with your campsite booking system to build strong relationships that will lead to a loyal customer base of long-term campers. Gain actionable insight on current marketing best practices at your campground by watching this webinar today. 

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