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How guests are evolving in 2021

Guest expectations in 2021 are set to follow in the footsteps of last year's trends and sentiments triggered by the global pandemic. With guests continuing to battle safety concerns, barriers to the freedom of movement and the impact of induced recessions, we’re seeing last-minute bookings soar, business travel plummet, and in-country holidays become the norm.

“Hospitality operators are adapting their strategies to encourage repeat business and preparing for what will surely be a 2021 staycation boom, with many holiday makers feeling safer exploring locally than travelling abroad.” 

Zen Valli, VP of Sales & Marketing for UK/EU at RMS Cloud

Our 2021 Trends and Challenges report covers guest behaviour in more detail, alongside the accelerated adoption of technology, refining marketing and revenue management strategies and key takeaways for property operators.

Highlights from the report

Safety and cleanliness are high priorities
The repercussions of COVID will continue impacting hospitality businesses for the foreseeable, which means health, safety and cleanliness remain top priorities for travellers. 

Domestic travel will be the top choice in 2021
As a result of border closures, many travellers are choosing to explore their own country. Local tourism boards and accommodation providers are therefore shifting their strategies to encourage domestic travel, showcasing their local area and targeting guests within driving distance. 

Travelling shorter but staying longer
We’ve noticed a shift from traditional tourism to a hybrid of living, working and exploring, with long-term stays in regional areas and small cities increasing in popularity, particularly in furnished accommodations that offer a home away from home. 

Direct and last-minute bookings on the rise
Although OTAs retain online booking dominance, many have experienced gradual negative growth over the years, with direct web bookings claiming their portion of the market share. Travellers are also wary in how far they plan in advance, continuing to book last-minute getaways amid ongoing travel uncertainty.

In January, we hosted the first webinar of our three-part Trends and Challenges series. Joined by industry experts, we discussed how guests are evolving in Asia Pacific and shared tips on how to use these trending behaviours to deliver exceptional guest experiences.


Click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

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