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Trends and challenges for property operators in 2021

“2021 isn’t without its challenges, with the pandemic still prevalent in many countries around the world. What might have worked for hospitality operators in pre-COVID days now needs a rethink, as we adapt our strategies in response to this shifting landscape and changes in consumer behaviour.”
Pete Ferris, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at RMS Cloud

Travel patterns and guest expectations have changed beyond recognition, thanks to the emergence and global spread of COVID. 2020 was the year that took us by surprise, but 2021 will be the year we’re prepared.

To help you navigate whatever 2021 throws at you, we’ve pulled together an in-depth report so you can plan ahead, anticipate guest’s needs and deliver a meaningful experience.

The report includes tips and takeaways from industry leaders, revenue management experts and marketing professionals on how to tailor product offerings, boost guest engagement and drive bookings.

“Operators need to understand how to deal with the shifts in business mix, consumer expectations and distribution patterns in near real-time. Forecasting with the help of real-time analytics and diagnostics aid businesses in being agile with their marketing and operations based on the most current data and buying behaviour.”
Murtaza Rangwala of Pace Revenue

We reveal the trends in guest behaviour, technology adoption, marketing shifts and revenue management to help accelerate your property on the road to recovery and set you up for a thriving future.

Park operators - download your free copy of the report here.

Hoteliers, moteliers, serviced apartment managers and management rights operators - download your version here.