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We’re ready to tackle COVID. Are you?

With properties finally reopening their doors following the global lockdowns, we want to make sure your PMS is in peak condition to help you navigate the post-COVID world. 

Staff and guest safety remains a top priority, but we’re sure you’ve got that under control. Digging a little deeper, there are a number of essentials outside of the obvious cleaning/sanitation/distancing regulations that you should be giving just as much attention to. And they all come down to technology.

Your property management system plays a crucial role in ensuring your property operates as efficiently and effectively as possible in the new normal. As well as using PMS functionalities that cover cleaning regimes and safety measures, it’s just as important to utilise functions that centre on your past, present and future guests. Key features such as guest marketing tools and a tailored loyalty program will create a more positive guest experience and boost vital word-of-mouth recommendations as well as encouraging guests to return in the future. In a post-COVID world, this will be one of the most crucial touchpoints and shouldn't be overlooked.

We've put together a useful ebook so you can make sure your PMS is effectively responding to the industry changes.

Download yours for free here.



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