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RoomPriceGenie partnership FREE OFFER to RMS Clients

June 2020: RMS Cloud has launched an integration with RoomPriceGenie, an automated revenue management system designed for smaller Hotels, Motels and Holiday Parks. 

And as a special introductory offer, you can try RoomPriceGenie for free (just integration fees) until the end of the year; helping you recover from the current crisis with perfectly positioned pricing. 

RoomPriceGenie is no ordinary revenue management system; it’s tailored to the needs of smaller properties giving them a fantastic introduction to the world of Revenue Management software”
says Peter Ferris, Director of Global Sales & Marketing at RMS Cloud.  

“Smaller properties typically want something easy-to-use, and transparent, that they are in full control of. They want to save time whilst being confident that they have the best pricing”, says CEO Ari Andricopoulos. “Our clients range from my 81 year old father with his B&B to revenue management consultants who want to automate their jobs”. 


Using RoomPriceGenie you would expect to achieve revenue increases of up to 20%, sometimes more. But customers equally love the time it frees up for other things. “As well as the friendly service”, says Andricopoulos.

He says that RoomPriceGenie clients generally have a reasonably good idea of pricing. But they don’t like the time it takes them every day. Having something they can trust to take the responsibility away is a huge blessing.

And 90% of the customers are on Auto-Pilot, meaning that the strategy is set by them but with prices updated automatically seven times a day.

RoomPriceGenie prices for the next 365 days, looking at what competitors are charging, what the experts are doing and optimising for your number of rooms left to sell with the time remaining. 


Unlike most revenue management systems, RoomPriceGenie explains exactly how the prices are reached. This then means that the client is able to adjust pricing appropriately if they want to.


As one serviced-apartment provider in Melbourne said “RoomPriceGenie is a wonderful tool. The rate management leaves us with peace of mind”. Why not try it out for free, and enjoy the peace-of-mind of stress-free revenue management?

Click here to book a demo with RoomPriceGenie



RMS Cloud in partnership with RoomPriceGenie is offering the RMS Rate Manager Module for free for the first 3 months. 
Please email if you would like to activate the RMS Rate Manager module to connect your property with RoomPriceGenie.
Learn how to get started with RoomPriceGenie with our RMS Help Centre Article.

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