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RMS Latest Features

At RMS, we’re always moving forward — innovating and improving to give our customers a powerful edge in the industry. With all of that in mind, we’re excited to share our newest features. The addition of these seriously outstanding new elements will be indispensable to a lot of our clients and we can’t wait for you to check them out.

Take a look!

New Guest Portal

The Guest Portal recently debuted at RMS and promises to be an asset for both guests and your staff. This feature changes the game and delivers a better experience for everyone. Plus, you can customize it to reflect your brand so it fits seamlessly with your business model.

For Your Guests

Right from their computers or mobile devices, guests can be in control of every aspect of their reservation. They can book or cancel reservations; contact the property; check-in and check-out; review past, current and future reservations; update preferences and profiles; and print or email folio statements (a big benefit for business travelers). They can even make PCI-compliant credit card payments. The feature is all about convenience and streamlining the hospitality experience.

For Your Staff

Since guests can accomplish so much through the portal, your staff will be able to greatly reduce time spent on phone calls and emails. Thanks to the Guest Portal, your staff will be able to deliver more one-on-one time to your guests.

New Housekeeping Portal

Our new Housekeeping Portal gives you an upper hand in hospitality management. Both your housekeeping staff and management can log on to the portal from any smartphone or tablet and take advantage of a host of streamline-focused features.

Portal Highlights:

  • Managers can assign tasks and rooms to housekeepers
  • Housekeepers can quickly log in to check their rooms & tasks for the day
  • Housekeepers can notify managers when each room is cleaned and request an inspection

-Managers can confirm all tasks are completed prior to releasing the room — and they can notify housekeepers to return to a room if tasks are incomplete

-Managers can gauge efficiency by reviewing who cleaned specific rooms, the amount of time they spent cleaning, whether or not all tasks were completed, etc.

-Housekeepers can receive changes to linen requirements

-Managers can change the room status reflecting whether it’s occupied and dirty, or vacant and clean.

-The portal is integrated with your RMS property management system so the front desk can receive real-time alerts when rooms are ready.

Enhanced Sales, Catering & Events Module

This is an enhanced new feature (formerly available with the on-premise platform) that our hotel and resort customers, in particular, will find incredibly useful. In a nutshell, our RMS Sales, Catering & Events Module is designed to organize and oversee group functions at your property — ultimately taking the stress and complications out of the entire equation. From event booking and staff scheduling to detailed reporting and billing, every aspect of the event process is smoothly, efficiently automated. Your group-event team logs on from any computer or mobile device - from there, they can book events, reserve related guestrooms; list and manage the number of attendees; record setup layouts; assign event coordinators; schedule support staff; allocate individual tasks to staff and third-party vendors; assign rates and charges; compile event reports for clients; establish budgets; and much more.

What do you think of these new RMS features? Let us know! And if you’re interested in learning more, contact RMS and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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