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Popular Add-Ons to Offer At Your Campground or RV Park

Increase your profits by increasing the amount paid per booking. One of the easiest ways to do that is by automatically offering add-ons to your customers as they are confirming their reservations. It's convenient for them and a valuable profit opportunity for you!  

Depending on the facilities that are available at your campground or RV park, you may choose to offer additional services or amenities to your customers to enhance their experience during their stay. Here are some popular add-ons that park owners offer to increase the revenue per booking for their guests. 

PRO TIP: Make sure your booking system is clear about which conveniences are included at no extra charge so your guests don't experience any unexpected costs that may color their impression of your hospitality. 

For the Long-Term Traveler:

  • Laundry
  • Shower
  • Potable Water 
  • Compostable Toilet Paper

For the Pet-Friendly:

  • Pet fee
  • Water bowl
  • Doggy bags
  • Chew toys

For the Cook:

  • Propane Tanks
  • Charcoal Grill Reservation
  • Fire pit with firewood
  • S'mores Basket
  • Cooking Oil

For the Adventurer:

  • Canoe, kayak or boat reservation
  • Bike Reservation w/ helmet

For the Do-Gooder:

  • Set up an optional carbon neutral fee that guests can choose to add to their reservation, and donate all money collected to environmental causes.

For the Digital Nomad:

  • WiFi Access
  • Newspaper
  • Late check-out

Your reservation management system should offer the opportunity to directly connect to your POS (Point of Sale) system and track inventory and reservation availability. Once generating, these profit-increasing offerings are a "set it and forget it" toolkit to making you more money, and increasing your guest satisfaction!

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