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RMS - Our Promise

If there’s one rule of business we can all count on, it’s this — experience matters. Your experience and ours. For over 30 years, we’ve been trailblazing new hospitality solutions world-wide with one goal: to help clients succeed. Why? Because we genuinely care about their businesses. When they succeed, that shows us that we’re succeeding — or to put it more succinctly, success breeds success. Our client-partners are ambitious and savvy, and they turn to us because we’re truly vested in their achievements. Plus, they’re confident that our customized platform reflects an intense understanding of the industry and, it’s technologically smarter and more user-friendly than any other solution out there. With all that said, what is the one end-goal for the technology we deliver?

Well, the force behind the success of any hospitality business comes down to one thing — great customer service. That’s the bottom line. Customer service keeps guests coming back, it prompts stellar reviews and it inspires word-of-mouth promotion (which is downright priceless). And while having a solid, friendly, sharp front-end team counts for a lot, having your back-end flowing seamlessly is what makes consistent guest satisfaction possible. Our products reach that end-goal. And here’s why they work.

We “Get” Your Industry 

Hotel resorts, motels, apartments, RV/caravan parks, campgrounds, college dormitories, military barracks, shopping centers, spas — these all fall under the hospitality umbrella. But their needs are vastly different. So we’ve gotten to know every hospitality sector inside and out and tailor our custom-software to meet your industry’s specific needs.

We Believe State-of-the-Art Is Where It’s At

We have incredible people working behind the scenes at RMS, and when it comes to our software, they don’t just rely on our past experience. Yes, we have a groundbreaking platform that’s changed the face of the industry, but that doesn’t mean a spark of inspiration won’t make it even better. That’s why our tech staff is always looking ahead, watching the trends, playing out new scenarios and finding fresh ways to help your business succeed smarter. 

Embracing the Cloud

Giving you the power to control your business from anywhere, anytime, on any device is basically the best feature you could ever hope for when it comes to management. Whether you’re checking on bookings, communicating with guests (or tenants), pulling data for board members, or updating rates through RMS channel management — you’re in command of your business, even from the other side of the continent.

We’ve Got Your Back

When you sign up for our service, we’re there for you. We don’t hide behind recordings, we don’t limit our hours, we don’t place you on hold for an afternoon — we support you, 24/7.  You can call and talk to a real, live, knowledgeable person (seriously!). You can jump online and dive into our knowledge base for how-to videos and webinars.

We Want You to Succeed

As the old cliché goes — when you succeed, we succeed. So yes, we provide you with all of the tools, features and support you need to be at the top of your game. But success also comes from staying open to new ideas.  And that’s where this new blog forum comes in. We intend to help you build on your success by giving you access to influential trends, helpful suggestions, new technology and other topics that could potentially strengthen the way you operate. The world of hospitality is fluid and when you’re armed with knowledge, staying ahead of the flow is easy.

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