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Get Inspired with 4 Visionary Hospitality Partnerships

Over the last several years, the scope of expectations for hotels and resorts has widened. A lot. Sure, providing excellent accommodations and solid customer service are still central to your guest experience — but discerning travelers, particularly in the luxury market, anticipate something more…the perks of partnerships. By collaborating with recognizable brands and innovative products, hotels across the world have taken the guest experience to enviable new heights and set an example that others are scrambling to follow. Take a look at four of the most memorable hospitality partnerships we’ve seen and get inspired. This is where you can set your business apart.  

W Hotel London — Walk Out Wardrobe

London’s W Hotel is partnered with a popular European dress rental destination to provide designer wardrobe room service to guests. Those staying in the W’s luxury suites enjoy the service for free, where they can choose from thousands of dresses on the Girl Meets dress website or select from a handpicked assemblage of designer dresses that are already on-site. (Dresses showcased include designs by Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and more.) Guests staying in standard rooms can also take advantage with a discount code they’ll receive at check-in.

MGM Grand Las Vegas — Stay Well™

CollaborationStay Well™

One of the most on-trend ways for hotels to accommodate the millennial+ generation is through health and wellness features. The MGM Grand Las Vegas has that angle covered with everything from a state-of-the-art gym to hydration therapy and booster shots. But it’s their Stay Well-equipped rooms that caught our eye, a brilliant brand collaboration that transforms hotel rooms into a den of tranquility and wellness. Stay Well infuses select MGM Grand rooms with features like an air purification system, personalized lighting, the “healthiest mattress in the world” (the organic Essentia mattress), a “Dawn Simulator” alarm clock, healthy menu options and even access to online Cleveland Clinic Programs for sleep, stress and nutritional guidance. The rates are marginally higher for guests but those who indulge love every moment.    

The Hotel Ivy, Minneapolis — TREVLS Tesla Package

PartnershipTREVLS Tesla

The exquisite Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis knows its guest-base and in order to cater to that ultra-luxurious market, they made the genius move of partnering with TREVLS Tesla. Guests who book through the Hotel Ivy “offers’ page can take advantage of the TREVLS Tesla room package, which includes a room, a sleek Tesla rental, free charging at the hotel, and complimentary valet parking. For car lovers especially, this is a pretty nifty offer — especially for high-profile business travelers wanting to up the ante, or those who just want to cruise in high-tech style.

Hard Rock Hotel — The Sound of Your Stay®

Partnership/Collaboration: Crosley Radio and Fender®

Music is hard-lined into the foundation of the Hard Rock Hotel, and they make the most of it with The Sound of Your Stay® audio experience. The program has three options — Tracks® • Picks® • Wax®, and it’s the last two that perk up our partnership ears. For musicians (or wanna-be musicians), the Picks® component ties in with legendary guitar manufacturer Fender® and allows guests to reserve their choice of pristine Fender guitars and bass guitars, plus headphones and a Fender amp so they can jam out right in their room. That’s a rockstar feature, for sure.

Then there’s the Wax® amenity, which partners with Crosley Radio for a true-blue audio flashback. Guests can groove to a collection of 10 iconic vinyl albums that they can play on a Crosley turntable, right in their room. It’s a smooth move for the Hard Rock that meshes well with their brand, and Crosley’s turntables add a retro-cool touch for a generation that’s rediscovering high-fi chic.

What partnerships have caught your eye? Is your property collaborating with any brands or products? Let us know!

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