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4 ways your PMS can save you time and money - Hotel

During this period of uncertainty, many hospitality businesses are operating at a minimum, making do with limited staff and resources.

Although current circumstances are taking a toll on the hospitality industry, there are things owners and staff can do now to make the most of downtime and be prepared to capitalize on future business.

One key component to evaluate now is technology, specifically your reservation and property management system. Does your current system support operational efficiency by making day-to-day tasks easier and less time-consuming? Does it have all the features and functionality you need for success? If you’re unsure about the answers to these questions, now is the time to do research and find a system that will help you achieve your business goals now and when the world returns to “normal.”

Integrate Crucial Business Operations

With integrated technologies, all the data you need to make informed business decisions is instantly accessible, eliminating the need to access multiple systems to manage your property and speeding up processes. A robust, cloud-based reservation and property management system with integrated features and functionality allows owners and staff to accomplish multiple business operations efficiently. Look for an all-in-one reservation and property management system that includes online booking, rate management, accounting, email marketing, inventory control, reporting and more, as well as the ability to integrate with complementary partner technologies to get the most return on your technology investment.

Automate Processes

Modern cloud-based reservation and property management systems can automate crucial processes and provide real-time visibility into your business operations. The more “set it and forget it” features your system provides, the more efficient your property will be. Features like dynamic pricing that sets automated pricing rules designed to optimize occupancy or yield, automated reporting that collects and analyzes data across the business, and triggered correspondence that sends emails or text messages at specific points of the guest experience can save hours of staff time every day.

Simplify Multi-Property Management

For businesses made up of multiple properties, a reservation system designed for enterprise management allows for quick and easy deployment of the same system across all properties. Enabling all properties to access shared guest and company data removes a significant amount of duplication, and gives owners insight into all properties with one login. A highly configurable and scalable system also gives owners and operators a path forward, no matter their property size or complexity. As your business grows and your needs change, your system should grow with it, whether that means adding new properties to the enterprise or additional features and functionality to increase the sophistication of your business operations.

Increase Guest Convenience

Reservation and property management technology is evolving to focus on frictionless guest experiences and interaction on guests’ own terms. Your reservation system should give guests options to personalize and take control of their experience with online reservations, mobile check in and check, self-service kiosks, communication with the property through a guest portal, and the ability to make online payments. The more convenient and self-service options you can provide, the greater your guest satisfaction and the less staff time you’ll need to manage customer needs.


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