Effective communication with guests is vital for the success of your business. SMS is essential to modern business operations with 98% of all messages viewed within three minutes of being received.

SMS is an inexpensive means to provide a swift and targeted form of engagement with your guests.

Additionally, SMS has boundless possibilities by sharing information for Special Deals, Loyalty Rewards, Happy Hour notifications, In-house events, not to mention booking confirmations, late arrival messages, etc.

All text replies can be automatically forwarded to an email inbox, where anyone, including staff, can reply.

To activate SMS, please email sales@rmscloud.com.

Key Features


AutoForwarding GuestMarketing RMS

Automatic Forwarding

Automatically direct customer's responses to an email box.

EasyAccess GuestMarketing RMS

Easy Access

Accessible through a number of areas in the RMS application.

SMS GuestMarketing RMS

Individuals or Groups

Interact with individuals, groups and frequent stayers to generate brand loyalty.

TriggeredCorrespondence GuestMarketing RMS

Set the Rules

Communicate with individuals based on their requirements and expectations.

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