Managing multiple booking channels can be a complex, confusing and time-consuming process.

The RMS Channel Manager improves the efficiency of this Channel Management process with real-time distribution, connecting your business to all the world's major booking channels, without the need for a third party channel manager. View our list of connections here.

This fully integrated Channel Manager makes it possible to automatically update rates, rules and availability at the click of a mouse. Revitalise your brand's appeal by modifying layout, design and feel to compliment your business. Furthermore, refine content to positively influence and improve online rankings (SEO) and securely store credit card details obtained with the RMS Vault.

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Key Features

Two-way interface with the world's leading Online Travel Agencies (OTA's) and Channel Managers.

Click here for full list of direct connections to OTA's and Channel Managers

ConnectToOTAs RMS

Reduce costs and Remove Complexity

The Hospitality Cloud removes the necessity of a Third Party Channel Manager, linking your business to all the world’s major booking channels.

This enables the regulation of inventory and rates from one convenient location and saves you precious time and money by eliminating duplicate bookings.

ControlPanel RMS

Control Panel

The Control Panel allows for infinite variables to be applied to Room types and periods, Length of stay, Rates, Allotment and Stop Sells.

The Vault: Safely and securely store credit card details to secure online reservations without the need for a payment gateway.



DynamicPricing RMS

Increase Efficiency

RMS provides the flexibility to add custom channels, connecting with OTAs anywhere and at any time.

Maximise yield and occupancy through automated pricing rules set with our Dynamic Pricing and Control Panel capability.


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