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Top 5 ways to meet demands of the new breed of traveller

As a property operator, you know the value and importance of keeping guests happy and finding the time to successfully grow your bottom line. At RMS, we hear from our industry network regularly about the challenges of maintaining operational efficiency whilst managing your customer satisfaction are among the hardest hurdles a property must overcome. This is why it's important to remain on top of industry trends particularly when innovation in the tech space means that you can adopt new methodologies as your guests' needs change. The new wave of demand combined with staff shortages and the other environmental factors at play in 2022 are only making it more challenging. It is increasingly important that businesses of all sizes leverage the right technology to combat change. 

With RMS, you can meet the growing expectations of your guests, gain operational efficiency and deliver better experiences at your property. Get ready for the holiday peaks and remain at the forefront of your competition with these top tech trends that will help grow your bottom line. 

1. Position your brand to be active where your guests are online 

It is essential to have a social media presence in place to increase your brand awareness and reach your desired target audiences. According to a Facebook study, 67% of consumers use social media as an avenue to view accommodation and get inspired on where to travel next. Now more than ever, it is important to adopt new strategies to engage with your community on social media as this is becoming an essential, everyday business tool. Easily upload, share and bring your property to life with social media content that can put your property in front of your customers in an instant, anywhere in the world. With RMS, you can access guest marketing features that allow you to send triggered messaging that prompts your guests to engage with your social accounts and encourage them to follow your property. 

2. Pivot to long-term, work-focused stays to tap into the ‘Bleisure’ guest market 

The lines between work and leisure are now becoming blurred with more travellers having flexible working arrangements. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 40% of Australians are now working remotely and changing how they work. RMS provides rate management tools that allow your property to easily accommodate the new traveller by switching to long terms rates, updating your PMS to offer Wi-Fi add-ons, sending triggered and automated correspondence via channels such as email and SMS that prompt guests - making it easier for travellers to work remotely and check emails at their convenience. 

3. Empower travel enthusiasts' with a rewards and loyalty strategy  

We now live in a world where instant gratification has become the norm and sharing your travel escapes to your network is a form of inspiration. As reported by a Facebook study, over 160 million people globally have used #travel and it's only expected that 70% of travel enthusiasts on social media are sharing and uploading their travel plans and holiday snaps. Cutting through competitive noise online can be tough, however simple strategies that tap into providing your traveller with instant rewards and loyalty promotions could encourage return guests and more shares online. RMS makes it easy for you to enrol your guests into rewards and loyalty programs with a single click so guests can accrue and redeem points for rewards, boosting their loyalty to your brand and encouraging future stays. 

4. New generations are prioritising sustainability in their travel decision-making  

Gone are the days of printing out documents, saving files in cabinets and printing receipts. It may not come as a surprise that sustainability is a huge global trend and is only at the beginning according to the ATM Travel Market Publication, with 70% of travellers looking to stay at a more sustainable holiday accommodation. RMS Cloud has successfully given properties access to tools that provide fluid communication among guests and staff with one powerful online reservation solution. RMS' guest portal has key features that allow guests to digitally pay, send documents and receive receipts all in the one place – meaning no more printing – delivering a paperless experience that makes a difference to our environment and reduces overheads.

5. Pet-friendly stays are on the rise 

Pet-friendly travel is on the rise with 53% of travellers now taking their pets on holiday according to a study conducted by Condor Ferris. Make for happier fluffy guests by giving their owners the option to choose pet-friendly areas within your property via RMS’ Interactive Maps and easily share rules and guidelines with RMS’ Guest Portal. Allow your management and staff to easily view all guest information with unified guest profiles allowing them to view everything in one user-friendly platform. 

Explore to learn how your property can leverage smarter property management tools to keep up with the evolving industry trends and meet the new demands of travellers whilst growing your bottom line. 

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