Owner / Trust Accounting

Owner Accounting

We know that, as manager, you have two masters: the owners and the guests. It is important that your property management system meets the needs of owners without compromising the service provided to guests.

By enabling seamless interaction between recording revenue and allocating it to the owners, RMS Apartment allows you to spend more time looking after your guests, enhancing both service standards and business performance.

The end of month process is simple and accurate allowing you to generate statements and pay owners with a minimum of fuss. 

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Other features include:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Third party payments
  • End of month process
  • Pay owners, managers and third parties during the month or at the end of the month as required
  • Easy access to owners details from the booking chart
  • Establish individual payment arrangements for each owner if required
  • Trust pooling option
  • Owner occupied status
  • Any combination of permanents, holiday letting and owner occupied units in the same complex
  • Chose which owners are in the letting pool at any time
  • Extensive tools for the even allocation of units