The smart way to track staff tasks

Our enhanced staff portal is the perfect digital tool for increasing efficiency and saving you money. 

As part of the staff portal, we have introduced a portable housekeeping app that your housekeepers can access from their mobile device, allowing you to track their tasks in real-time. It’s practical, effective and a great way to improve productivity.

Development of the staff portal is currently ongoing to bring you even more benefits and features to run a tighter back of house.

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What can you get with the staff portal?

While enhancements are in the works, here’s what’s to come with our staff portal:

Track in real-time

Soon to be released as a portable and interactive app, the staff portal will enable real-time reporting and instant updates. Using their mobile devices, your housekeepers will be able to:

→ View their daily tasks

→ Set a timer to track how long each task takes

→ Mark tasks as complete which will instantly update room clean status in RMS


PurpleStaff Portal

Increase operational efficiency

As a property manager, you’ll have the ability to:

→ Send tasks directly to your housekeeper’s device, marking as a priority where necessary

→ Effectively allocate tasks, taking advantage of the skills and availability of your staff

→ Gather accurate data by monitoring the time it takes for staff to complete tasks

→ Restrict functions based on user level


Centralised message centre

Housekeepers will be able to use the chat feature to send relevant messages to front desk staff (for example, notifying them of guest requests if this is something front of house staff typically organise).

Green Message Centre

“You will love the ability to manage daily housekeeping tasks at the touch of a button - from daily operational schedules to resource forecasting.”