Automatically send guest survey's incorporating the Net Promoter Score (NPS) at a set time after departure. Results obtained are returned to RMS alongside the guest profile and delivered to the relevant departments.

Guest surveys are vital to ensure your business remains relevant to the needs of your guests and to keep your staff informed of their impacts. The NPS survey is organised so that your guests receiveĀ an automatic email upon departure.

Each time your guest completes this survey, the NPS Score will be stored and if desired, reported on from within RMS.

The NPS divides your guests into three levels based on their responses to each question then a score is calculated based on the ratings received.


The NPS Results Report provides a score summary and survey details for any date range selected; your business can then compare this information against other industry businesses. An overall Net Promoter Score will be shown for the date range (departure date or survey date) in addition to a breakdown of NPS for Service, Standard of Facilities, Area and Value for Money.