Make cyber security one less thing to worry about


Cyberattacks are becoming more advanced every day, which is putting unprotected databases at risk. 

In response to global data breaches and phishing scams, we’ve enhanced our security features, including two-factor authentication, IP restriction and single sign-on, to protect your vital customer data.

Our best-practice security is up-to-date and crucial to your safe and secure operations. The process is hassle-free, easy to implement and worth it when it comes to making sure your database is safe. 

Our friendly team will be here to offer their guidance if you need any help along the way.


Two factor authentication

Hassle-free two-factor you can set and forget

Two-factor authentication is an industry-standard security measure that adds an extra step to the login process to prove user identity. It ensures complete security with the ability to set and forget.

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Limit your IP addresses and rest easy knowing your data is safe


IP addresses are unique numerical labels assigned to each device on a network with internet access.

Restricting which IP addresses can log into your database allows you to limit where users can log in from and gives you more control over who is granted access to the system.

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Single Sign On

Remove the complexity of multiple logins

With single sign-on (SSO), you can access several applications using a single login with an IP. 

This ensures that only verified users have access to your database.

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Military-grade security for ultimate peace of mind

We're the only property management system to achieve FedRAMP security certification, which endorses our military-grade security protocols and measures.

We're approved for use by US government agencies and have an existing contract with the US Marine Corps Community Services.

RMS gets FEDRamp Security Certified

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