Maximise your revenue potential by using Dynamic Pricing to set rates based on predetermined occupancy levels. As the occupancy fluctuates automated pricing rules will adjust and update rates instantly.

Rates are automatically adjusted by the rules you set, increasing occupancy and yield independently or together. Enable the ability to increase yields during high demand and maximise occupancy during quiet periods.

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Key Features

Build rules into RMS so that rates are automatically calculated on the basis of predetermined occupancy levels.
Improve occupancy during the quieter times and increase yield in the busier periods.

Integrated DynamicPricing RMS

Fully Integrated

Dynamic pricing rates are distributed in real-time to the front office, the website, third party travel websites and even the GDS. Once a dynamic rate is set, the system will regulate it.

VersatileAccess DynamicPricing RMS

Versatile Access

Dynamic Pricing is accessible on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers from the Cloud at anytime.

ControlPanel DynamicPricing RMS

Control Panel

Manual overrides can be made at any time to a single room for a single day with the Rate/Availability Chart.

Additionally complex overrides can be applied to a mixture of room types, dates and channels effortlessly with the Control Panel.

TimeFrames DynamicPricing RMS2

Time Frames

Time Frames can be incorporated to apply a rate dependent on specific factors. This can be used in conjunction with marketing initiatives, for instance, offering a special rate for an upcoming period if the booking is made before a specific date.

A combination of times and occupancies can be incorporated as a contingency for unexpected outcomes.

Customisable Dashboard RMS

Fully Customisable

The completely customisable dashboard means every manager in your property can choose to see, in real-time what’s relevant to them.

“Feature packed, Immensely powerful and extremely cost effective”

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