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Hotel Tech Report rates RMS as market-leading PMS solution

Hotel Tech Report, the number one tech research and insights platform for hotel technology across the world, has rated RMS Cloud in 3 top-performing categories for the industry's gold standard market map, affirming our position as the world's leading hotel technology software.

Hotel Tech Reports’ industry’s gold standard market map acknowledges the top industry leaders across the world who excel in leading hotel management software. The purpose of the market map allows hoteliers transparency into minimising risk and maximising positive outcomes when selecting technology partners for their hotel. To become verified, vendors like RMS need to be reviewed by hoteliers with a rating out of 5 stars.

RMS Cloud is proud to be verified and recommended by hoteliers in 3 top categories: 

We can’t thank our customers enough for the time they've taken to review our platform and support us in being one of the top hotel management software solutions in the world. If you would like to review RMS on Hotel Tech Report, you can do so by following this LINK.

We're passionate about providing software that can help shape the hotel industry and provide better experiences. Our role in providing innovative hotel management software to the world plays an integral part in taking the industry into the future and ensuring we build successful businesses with our hoteliers. 

- Luke Wueffen, COO, RMS Cloud



“The RMS team has invested heavily in making an intuitive interface that is optimised for ease of use but for customers that want to go deeper they have extensive resources ranging from a rich library of video tutorials all the way to e-courses with certifications to really master the product.  The team also has done an excellent job of tightening their feedback loop by collecting customer feedback in a way that is regularly prioritised amongst the product and engineering team shaping the product over time to customer needs,”

– Hotel Tech Report co-founder, Adam Hollander.




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