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Level up on your holiday letting management software

Are you getting the most out of your holiday letting management software? Every short-term rental business should have access to automated tasks, all-in-one solutions and seamless online bookings that deliver lasting guest experiences whilst growing your business. 

We can all agree a seamless operation is foremost the most critical component when managing or owning accommodation. Identifying a holiday letting management software that streamlines operations and is designed for property owners and managers will be the key driver of success within any holiday home business. An efficient holiday-letting software should support management in listing and booking reservations, tracking payments, managing housekeeping and maintenance tasks, communicating with guests and much more. The key functionality to look out for is how well your software integrates with tools that remove mundane admin tasks through automation. Smart rental software allows for a fluid and automated end-to-end process, from listing the property to enabling visitors to pre-check in via their smartphones and deliver personalised requests for an ultimate experience before the guest even arrives at your property. No matter the size of your property, small or big, your software should be agile and offer scalability to suit your business objectives.  

Finding the right holiday-letting management software can be challenging, which is why we have provided you with our top three non-negotiables when looking for a new software provider. 

1. Automate tasks for lasting guest experiences
Automation that saves time and money whilst improving the overall visitor experience is highly valuable when working with short-term accommodation. Automation is becoming increasingly important as it reduces manual labour, improves efficiencies in operations and delivers lasting guest experiences. The right software will seamlessly automate check-ins and check-outs with the click of a button, give you access to more direct bookings and send automated triggered messaging to your guests.

2. All-in-one solution to suit your business 
Cloud-based software not only gives your holiday letting owners and managers access a system from any device but from anywhere. Meaning managers can access centralised documents, bookings and operational information from one place, making it a lot easier to keep track of all tasks and streamline accounts. With the right short-term rental software, you can also create derived pricing processes that allow you to set up custom guest packages by adjusting the master rate from one system. Cloud-based software will dramatically improve your business for your employees and guests.  

3. Access to OTAs that quickly connects you to the world
Missing the opportunity to connect your business to the world online affordably can be a competitive disadvantage when running short-term rentals. When looking for software, you need to ensure they have integrations that seamlessly connect you to OTAs such as Airbnb, and Agoda. The right holiday letting management software will help you save on extra merchant costs and connect you with the right guests. 

Choosing the right letting management software can be tedious, but discovering the right provider can be a mind change for any business. It would be impossible to manage accommodation without powerful holiday-letting software. Are you missing out? Learn more here.


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