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5 Ways To Maximize Your Marina Revenue

As a marina manager or owner, you want your property’s amenities to attract your customers and become the go-to place to dock.

But how do you make sure that you’re capitalizing on all opportunities to increase revenue at your marina? Here are five ways to maximize your property income while building and maintaining a solid reputation for your business within your community.

1. Prioritize the Guest Experience

Whether you’re hosting first-timers or repeat boaters, you want every individual who reserves a space at your marina to have the best experience possible. You can use your marina management software to keep things running smoothly from the moment they make a reservation and throughout their reservation on your slip.

Some key ways to ensure guest satisfaction include:

  • Train your staff. Continuous learning keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to using your marina booking software and handling customer complaints or requests in a professional manner.
  • Offer amenities. Using email communications or SMS messaging, let your guests know the amenities available at your property such as pools, restaurants, dog parks, areas with Wi-Fi, or bars where they can hang out and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Offer activities. Depending on your unique property, you could potentially offer to host parties, movie nights, and karaoke to make the guest experience more memorable. Sending out a schedule of dates and times of the activities via your marina management software means your guests can plan for these activities ahead of time.

2. Use Your Marketing Tools

There are two great ways to engage with both first-time boaters and seasoned skippers to increase your bookings and your revenue.

Social Media

Is your marina really “out there?” Increasing your social media presence will help attract more potential boaters to your marina. 

You can easily showcase the beauty of your surroundings by regularly posting photos or videos of your marina. To go the extra mile, consider collaborating with local influencers who can highlight your property across multiple social media platforms.


Email marketing is an effective way to keep your current and potential customers updated about offers at your marina. You can use the customer relationship manager (CRM) within your marina management software to target boaters with tailored, prescheduled email correspondence to ensure the right audience sees the right promotions at the right time.

When your guests have finished their reservation at your marina, continue connecting with them by sending emails that ask about their satisfaction with your facility. This gesture provides a dedicated space for boaters to provide optional feedback, showcases your appreciation for their reservation, and can act as a reminder of their positive experience the next time they choose to book. 

3. Offer Upgrades or Extra Rentals

When your guests dock at your marina, they’re looking for a convenient, fun time. To maximize your revenue, you can offer services and packages for an extra fee, including:

  • Wi-Fi services. If your Wi-Fi range is far-reaching, guests can get online for work or leisure while docked. 
  • Birthday or party packages. If realistic for your space, you can offer to put up decorations or reserve the back room of your restaurant for guests who are celebrating a birthday or want to have a fun party.
  • Anniversary celebration packages. For couples looking to celebrate their anniversary, they may be interested in a nice dinner or extended stay experience if your space allows. 
  • Equipment rental. Guests may want to rent equipment for various activities such as fishing, snorkeling, and surfing.

You can email or message your guests with your list of services and upgrades so they can plan ahead for a great time. Be sure to include these additional services on your website for those interested.

4. Maximize Your Bookings

Maximize your reservations by offering direct and online bookings, as some boaters prefer the flexibility of booking online rather than contacting the property. A marina management software solution that features an online booking engine is not only more convenient for your guests, but also means your staff spends less time managing potential and new reservations and more time concentrating on your current marina guests.

Remember that online booking can also be easily accessed by your guests if you integrate your platform with multiple Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Potential customers may be looking to book their stay using different OTAs, which means the more you integrate, the more reservations you’re likely to receive. 

5. Set Your Property Up for Success

Whether you have one marina or several properties to manage, having the right marina management software in place will keep your operations running smoothly and maximize your marina’s revenue. 

Management software for your marina(s) should:

  • Be accessible anytime anywhere.
  • Improve communication between boaters and your staff.
  • Integrate with partner technologies.
  • Simplify multi-property management.


The right reservation and property management software can help you streamline your operations. Download our Operational Excellence in Hospitality Guide today to find out more and set your marina up for success!


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