iDeaS G3 RMS banner

RMS announced its partnership with IDeaS Revenue Solutions, offering its 6000 customers access to world-leading revenue management technology. 

IDeaS take the guesswork out of setting rates and increasing income by using historical data and relevant market data to accurately forecast future demand and occupancy levels, enabling operators to better manage their inventory.

The RMS integration features the IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (G3 RMS), which utilises data-driven advanced analytics to determine pricing for room types, overbooking and which business to accept based on length of stay and overall revenue. Client studies show a revenue boost of up to 7% when using IDeaS and up to 15% if no revenue management strategy was in place prior to adopting iDeas. 

The IDeaS Revenue Management interface module is not included in the base RMS Cloud subscription fee. Pricing details for it can be found in the latest RMS Module Rate Card and by reading our Knowledge Base Article.