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Growing your online visibility for increased bookings

Learn essential techniques for increasing online visibility, driving direct bookings, and optimising your accommodation's presence in the digital landscape. Explore strategies like leveraging Google Hotel Ads, harnessing the power of OTAs, and simplifying inventory distribution with channel managers to enhance your online visibility and attract more bookings.

In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, driving direct bookings and maximising online visibility is crucial for the success of any accommodation business. To uncover the top tips and techniques, in this post we'll explore strategies that leverage technology, enhance guest experiences, and optimise marketing efforts. 

We'll explore our top tips and techniques for driving direct bookings, harnessing the power of OTAs, simplifying inventory distribution through channel managers, and boosting your accommodation's online visibility.


How hotels can drive direct bookings

When advising our customers on driving direct bookings, we emphasise the importance of clear market segmentation to target your customers effectively. By delivering tailored messages that resonate with their needs and preferences, you enhance engagement and increase the likelihood of direct bookings. You will see results if you speak directly to your customers, capture their attention, and inspire them to book with personalised and relevant marketing material.


Be front and centre with Google Hotel Ads

RMS empowers our customers to leverage Google Hotel Ads.  Google Hotel Ads allows properties to expand their online visibility, drive more direct bookings, and increase revenue through a powerful advertising platform that showcases their property to potential guests directly on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Travel. By participating in this program, properties can present their rooms, rates, and availability to a vast audience of travellers actively searching for accommodation and direct them to book directly through their own website.  We see so many properties that neglect this area and leave the door open for OTA's to capture this potential direct business.


Harnessing the Power of OTAs

It is important to recognise your hotel and brand pricing matches the competitive set and the broader market, ensuring you are relevant. Leveraging tools like OTA Insight or other rate shoppers can be instrumental in staying on top of your pricing. By using rate shoppers, property revenue managers can efficiently track and analyse all available rates online, saving time and ensuring accurate rate pricing. This data-driven approach provides valuable insights into your competitors' pricing, enabling you to make informed decisions and maintain a strong competitive advantage.

One way to tap into the power of OTAs is to maintain Rate Parity. Inconsistencies in prices across different OTAs can prompt guests to price shop, cheapening your brand. By implementing a Rate Parity strategy, you instil confidence in your customers, assuring them that the price remains the same on all channels.


Simplifying Inventory Distribution with Channel Managers

Two key benefits of using a channel manager that are highly significant and come to mind are time-saving benefits and speed. Firstly, it offers immense time savings benefits by eliminating the need to update rates on each extranet individually. With a channel manager, a single price input instantly updates across all channels, streamlining the process and reducing human error. Secondly, integrating a powerful PMS with Direct Connect channel management capabilities enhances your rate management performance. Rate changes can be quickly and automatically updated through your PMS across your various OTAs, such as and Expedia, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in distribution.

Rate changes can be quickly and automatically updated through your PMS across your various OTAs, such as and Expedia, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in distribution as well as ensuring your property is offering rate parity.


Boosting Accommodation's Online Visibility

To boost your hotel's online visibility, focus on key strategies like maintaining high property scores and positive reviews. These factors play a vital role in increasing rankings and attracting more bookings, making them essential for building an online presence

In the digital age, leveraging Google Hotel Ads is a game-changer for hotel operators. Integrating your PMS with Google Hotel Ads allows you to effectively manage and optimise campaigns, target relevant audiences, and enhance your online presence. Maximise bookings and visibility by capitalising on the power of Google.


Growing your online visibility requires a multifaceted approach that includes leveraging Google Hotel Ads, driving direct bookings through clear market segmentation, harnessing the power of OTAs while maintaining rate parity, simplifying inventory distribution with channel managers, and prioritising positive reviews and property scores. By implementing these expert tips and techniques, accommodation providers can boost their online visibility, attract more bookings, and stay ahead of the competition.

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