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Make check-in easy with automation at your park

Get the most out of your park operations and embrace modern technologies to improve the guest experience, reduce front office demands and deliver smoother operations.  

Automation is becoming an increasingly popular option for holiday park operators, as it can save time and money while making the guest experience easier and more enjoyable. The benefits associated with automation for park operators can reduce labour costs, improve customer service, and generate meaningful data. Most importantly, it makes the customer journey seamless when checking in at your park. 

Automated check-in is one way to streamline your guests' booking and check-in process, making it easier and more convenient for guest to enjoy their stay at your park. Automated check-in is a great way to simplify the booking process by using integrated payment solutions and a powerful online booking engine – making it more efficient for operators to focus on increased holiday rates and reliable payments. By adopting new technology and using automated solutions, you can quickly check in guests with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks and helping ensure a positive guest experience.  

Automated check-in also will enable you to set up customised payment and booking options, making it easier for guests to book and pay for their stay in advance. This can reduce the time spent dealing with paperwork when guests arrive and help maximise your revenue in advance. In addition to streamlining the booking and check-in process, automated check-in also helps to create a more secure and safe environment for your guests. With the right technology in place, you can easily track who is coming and going from your park, making it easier to ward off any unauthorised visitors and keep your park safe. You can also use automated systems to monitor your guests' activities, such as using communal facilities and making payments. 

Finding the right technology to adopt at your park can be easy if you know where to look, and the right automation solutions should be available natively via your PMS. Below are the top 3 things industry expert Courtney Hall, Sales Manager – Parks and Campgrounds at RMS Cloud, prioritises when discussing automation with Australian parks: 

  1. Contactless boom gate technology and digital smart locks:  Over the years, boom gate technology has improved, and now it's possible for park operators to integrate with their PMS for granting entry to guests. Upon arrival, the car's number plate is scanned, and a notification is sent to the traveller to confirm check-in and the location of the site. This is beneficial for both the park operators and guests, as it provides security, reduces queues during peak season, and lowers labour costs. Additionally, sites with cabins can integrate their PMS with digital keys, enabling guests to access their keys through their smartphones and open the doors. 
  2. Get paid on time and keep guests happy with RMS Pay: As an expert in payments and park operations, we can confidently say that RMS Pay is a great solution for park operators. Its unified payment ecosystem makes it easy to accept payments from guests in any form while being secure and PCI-compliant. This removes the manual processes associated with payment processing and saves time for both staff and guests. Additionally, its integrated online payments, triggered payments through RMS Paylink, and digital wallet capabilities provide a great user experience and convenience, helping park operators attract more customers and increase revenue. 
  3. Offer a memorable and seamless guest experience with the RMS Guest Portal: When deciding on the right tools to enhance guest experience tools with a PMS, we always recommend asking how this will help to automate the guest journey, creating a seamless experience. The RMS Guest Portal provides a unique and cost-effective opportunity for hotels to offer their guests a user-friendly and personalised service. This cutting-edge tool allows guests to automate the check-in and check-out processes, purchase upgrades, and communicate with park operators from the palm of their hand. In addition, this feature can also help parks save money, as it eliminates the need for bulky and expensive technology that is unreliable and requires additional maintenance. 


Automated check-in is a great option to consider if you're looking for a way to simplify the booking and check-in process at your holiday park and your guests while helping create a secure and enjoyable environment for everyone. 

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