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Department of Defence

Centralising operations with mission critical, military-grade security

Recreational & naval facility locations
19 barracks & lodges across 3 countries
Specialist secure cloud-based PMS solution
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RMS becomes the first PMS to achieve US Department of Defence IL4 Certification 

Military and naval operations provide comprehensive programs that support and protect the U.S. through the governance and protection of operational readiness, war fighting capabilities, and life quality of service members, their families, retirees and civilians. RMS is proud to work with military operations consisting of multiple departments including 19 accommodation and recreational lodging locations across 3 countries for members to access.

Organisation challenge
Achieving high-level security with a reliable PMS provider

RMS Cloud’s property management system was engaged as the first and only PMS provider in the market to achieve US Department of Defence IL4 certification and is Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA) IL2 authorised. In acquiring this certification RMS can now provide the military and naval operations with multi-property management solutions that can centralise their operations and provide the highest level of data security.

US Department of Defence IL4 certification is a resounding endorsement of our military-grade security protocols and measures.
Peter Buttigieg CEO, RMS Cloud
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Product Implementation
A secure and certified solution for military operations

RMS Cloud's highly secure property management system provides a fully secure PMS, customisable to unique and strict security requirements, including acquiring a US Department of Defence IL4 certification. RMS is the first PMS software who have achieved a DoD IL4 certification and is Defence Information Systems Agency (DIFSA) IL2 authorised, ensuring that data is always safe and secure. RMS' achievement of DoD IL4 certification allows secure operations to move away from cumbersome systems and outdated software that are timely and inefficient.

RMS advanced security features and robust testing

RMS acquired US Department of Defence IL4 certification to improve data security and support with its first cloud-based PMS.

Navy_Cloud Computing
Centralised cloud-based software deliver efficiency

RMS Cloud’s PMS provides centralised operations that help streamline operations such as check-ins and housekeeping.

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Lavender BG
RMS stands proudly with serving military and naval across the world
19 inns and lodges
on one platform
Multiple layers of accredited cyber-security protocols
Regular external
intrusion testing
1,000's of guests per year
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We’re excited to provide a fully functional US Department of Defence IL4-certified property management system that will improve the guest experience for military personnel and family.

Peter Buttigieg  CEO, RMS Cloud
Partnership outcomes
Creating new secure partnerships

RMS' achievement in acquiring the first US Department of Defence IL4 certification has allowed for a first-of-its-kind partnership with military and naval organisations. RMS has been assessed and certified, and has ongoing monitoring by rigorous certification, providing these organisations with the right tools to centralise operations.

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