RMS has over thirty years of dedication to Park & Campgrounds with our Property Management Systems currently relied on by 82.5% of all Parks in Australia.

All software is specifically designed to meet the business management needs of the park accommodation industry including caravan, holiday, residential & annual parks, lifestyle villages, and campgrounds.

This easy to use solution is entirely cloud based and accessible from any internet capable device. The automated procedures will improve all round efficiency and are extremely easy to use. Additionally RMS support is always available to assist you through any dilemmas you may encounter.

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Key Features

All in oneResScreen RMS

Specifically Designed

Allows for flexible rate plans and handles ‘per day charges’ for extras.

Easily control and manages usage charges for utilities.


DynamicPricing RMS

Dynamic Pricing

Maximise revenue potential by using Dynamic Pricing to set rates based on predetermined occupancy levels.

Events Flexible RMS

Cloud Based Software

Having direct access to the features from the Cloud enables direct modifications to be made without limitations on place or time.

ConnectToOTAs RMS

Improve Booking Rates

Easier reservations and real-time bookings across both channels and trade agents.

Customisable Dashboard RMS

Easy to Operate

Colour booking charts and reservation screens designed for easy use

Additional Options

Interactive site maps

  • At a glance control and manage site availability across your park.

  • Allows your guests to book a site of their choice from the map.

Boom Gate Integration

  • Integrate with your existing software or use RMS endorsed systems.

  • Easily control park access in one single system. 

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