RMS Enterprise is the complete Property Management solution for multiple properties and groups. This essential feature seamlessly combines data from all or a selection of your properties to generate substantial, accurate and timely reports.

Accurately and consistently record your guest details and statistics regardless of which property they stay in. RMS Enterprise automatically links all properties to eliminate duplication of your guests. Have control over how information is viewed, enabling security of sensitive and confidential information with ease. Utilise controlled data from room sales and marketing, finance and executive management, to improve business.

Key Features

ManageMultipleProperties RMS

Remove Complexity

Avoid the duplication of tasks by centralising key activities such as:
Debtor Manager, Accounts Receivable, Travel Agents Commissions, End of Month Processing.

CentralReservations RMS

Central Reservations

Users have real time access to all (or selected) inventory across the group.
Provides a cost effective central reservation capability from either a property, head office or external customer agents.

Reports RMS

Central Reports

A comprehensive suite of reports: Report across an entire group, individual properties, room types/categories and across guest categories.

Allinoneplace RMS

Seperate - All in one place

Multiple properties are centralised into a single database however, your business can have individual property names, separate banking, unique logos, differing invoice layouts and varying rules across properties.

“Entities that operate multiple properties requiring the power of centralised management will benefit from the power and flexibility of RMS Enterprise.”

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