Recent Enhancements


The following highlight many of the recent developments in RMS 9+ 

RMS Mobile

As well as the traditional desktop environment, RMS applications now come with features and functions specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

Pencil Bookings

Pencil Bookings allow users to hold 'potential' reservations for guests and place a temporary hold a room on the proviso that they will confirm later. The Pencil Booking updates all distribution channels so there is no risk of double booking.  

Hold accommodation with comfort knowing that if the potential guest does not confirm the reservation it will automatically expire.

Quick Quote Screen

The Quick Quote screen is a great way to upsell your accommodation and provide quick and accurate rate and availability information to guests on the phone or at the front desk.

Bookeasy Direct Connect

RMS now has a direct connection with Bookeasy. Rate and availability updates are automatic and confirmed reservations drop instantly into RMS.

Group Integration

Top Tourist and BIG4 Park members can now have their discounts validated and applied online automatically from the property website using the RMS Book Now Button