RMS 9+ - The Revolution Continues


The RMS revolution continues to evolve by embracing the latest technologies and ideas from around the world with development and release of RMS 9+, which will over time be know simple as The Hospitality Cloud.

By converting our technology platform, and therefore the experience that we deliver our customers, Silverlight to HTML5, RMS has: 

  • Increased responsiveness

  • Embraced mobility by enabling RMS applications on portable devices

  • Allowed our developers to unleash the full power of RMS with exciting new features

The pages in this section provide a detailed overview of the new functions, functionality and screen layouts in RMS9+

Booking Chart

The RMS 9+ incorporates all of the features that were popular in the RMS 9 booking chart but now includes increased options and flexibility. 

In particular, we have used of colors and text to emphasize the reservations for ease of use. 

Users can now opt for the favorite or preferred colors to highlight different conditions on the booking chart such as the source of business, gender, travel agent, company and more. In addition, users are able to choose reservation details, such as name, company, reservation or credit status and more, that they wish to display on each reservation.  

Control Panel

The Control Panel in RMS 9+ makes light work, and provides users with infinite control and flexibility, of maintaining rates, availability and booking rules across all of your rooms.

Users can change allotments, rates, minimum night stays and more with surgical precision and effect changes for a single room type, for a specific day, for selected agents or close off the whole property for a week with a few mouse clicks. 

Changes instantly update across all (or some) of your online booking websites and the front office.


Once again in RMS 9+, we have kept all the great reports in RMS 9 but have added new ones and given the entire reporting suite a fresh new look. Reports are now much easier to build and provide many more additional options to allow for detailed analysis and high-level management control. 

The dashboard

In addition to the new report suite, a selection of dashboards have been added to the latest application. These dashboards (which are fully customizable across all areas of the business) are designed to provide users with a snapshot(s) of real-time information, in an easy to read graphical representation.

Online Bookings

The new functionality in RMS 9+ is the ideal tool to allow users to enable the property's website to automatically upload rates and availability and to receive bookings in real time. Effectively allowing users to 'set and forget'.

RMS Online can be easily configured to upload and constantly monitor rates and availability on your website, with website reservations automatically populating the reservation management system with guest details and processing deposit payments.

Once set the process is completely automatic, and there are an almost infinite number of variations, ensuring that users always maintain control over rates and booking rules.

Channel Management

The fully integrated Channel Management function, allows users to distribute and sell inventory across a greater number of distribution channels and Online Travel Agents in a simple and efficient manner.

By using the Channel Management function in RMS 9+ users save money and the headache of an unnecessary level of complex technology of a third party channel manager.


For more information about RMS 9+ check out our YouTube Channel - click here