Internet Booking Engine

How It Works

Get bookings directly from your website or anywhere else you can add the book Now button such as Facebook and Trip Advisor.

The RMS Book Now Button automates the process of receiving online bookings from your website. Reservations appear on the RMS bookings screen as soon as they are made and the rates and availability are constantly synchronised by the RMS Channel Management System to prevent double bookings.

We supply a booking engine which your web developer can easily link to your website. Following a simple setup process RMS Book Now will automatically upload and maintain your rates and availability. RMS Book Now constantly monitors RMS for changes to rates, business rules and inclusions and updates them automatically.

The rates and availability are clearly displayed for visitors to your website who can then book for their preferred dates.

RMS Book Now collects secure deposits to the value you have set based on the type of booking being made.

Once the booking has been made a confirmation is emailed to you and the client. The booking then appears in RMS, automatically blocking out that room.

If you make a booking at the property the change to availability to instantly uploaded to RMS Online.

Key Features

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Included Options

  • Dynamic Pricing - Set rates based on predetermined occupancy levels to maximise yield
  • Change the look and feel including colors and display layout to suit your business and match your brand
  • Add a widget to your website to make it easier for guests to make a booking
  • Offer multiple rate types
  • Automatic deposit processing that flows through the accounting system
  • Sell extra items such as treatments or tours
  • Offer package deals

The Vault

The Vault is a web portal that safely stores credit card details to secure online reservations. The RMS Vault is a simple, safe and convenient facility that protects accommodation providers by securing reservations without the requirement of a payment gateway. Best of all the RMS Vault is completely free.

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Search Engine Optimization

RMS9 allows you to edit the page title of RMS online and the description that shows in the search results. This ability plus the fact that the content of the pages can be edited to be very specific to your property’s location and attributes can significantly increase ranking results.

When care is taken entering content such as descriptions, travel directions and the what-to-do sections of RMS Online it can often outrank commissionable travel websites. This saves you money and makes the booking process even easier.


RMS software is sold on the basis of the number of users accessing the system at any one time. The system can be used from any computer with Internet access by the number of licensed operators.


per month Single user edition for smaller parks
  • One User $150
  • Two Users $200
  • Three Users $250
  • Additional Users (up to 6) $50
  • Extra Users (over 6) $20


per month Full system, multi-user
  • One User $150
  • Two Users $200
  • Three Users $250
  • Additional Users (up to 6) $50
  • Extra Users (over 6) $20


per month Multi-park system
  • One User $150
  • Two Users $200
  • Three Users $250
  • Additional Users (up to 6) $50
  • Extra Users (over 6) $20


The RMS Online deposit payment system is completely PCI compliant. When the guest enters their credit card details they are transmitted and stored securely with an online payment gateway. At the same time a token which relates to the credit card is attached to the guest. This token can be used to make subsequent payments or refunds without the risk of holding the card details.