Get to know RMS CEO, Gerry Comninos!

Gerry 2

Why did you come on board with RMS?

I was excited at the prospect of being involved in an industry which is undergoing massive change from self-hosted premise based applications to cloud based technologies. I wanted to be a part of a company that has, and continues to grow exponentially. RMS fit that description perfectly.

Since arriving at RMS, has the company market share increased?

Here in Australia and New Zealand RMS continues to increase its customer base, with on average in excess of 30 new properties signing up each month. We now have over 5000 customers in over 25 countries and counting. Among the list of customers are some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious brands in the hotel, apartment, holiday and relocatable home industries. Some of our notable large customers who have joined the RMS family include Quest Apartment Hotels, Golden Chain, Gateway Lifestyle Holiday Parks, Parkbridge and Sun Communities.

Why should people use RMS as opposed to other industry competitors?

RMS has developed an ‘all-in-one’ system and solution which includes property management, online bookings and channel management with seamless connections to the GDS, all in one place.

RMS are pioneers when it comes to mobile, cost-effective , fully integrated and easy to use technologies. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction and reliability, RMS will go above and beyond to help our customers at every stage of their business.

Could you tell us more about your latest product?

RMS’ latest product offering, RMS Cloud, includes all of the many loved features of traditional versions but with a plethora of new and exciting options. Those properties that have migrated to RMS Cloud during the beta testing phase of development are unanimous in their praise for the new look and feel, additional functionality, and of the speed of the new version.

What was the biggest challenge for RMS since you’ve come on board?

We have successfully completed the daunting task of migrating 30 years of development from the traditional premise based technology to the cloud environment. As this massive task comes to fruition, RMS is now a staple of the industry who continue to deliver time and money saving technological innovation for our customers.

Where do you see the future of RMS?

In a somewhat crowded and competitive market, RMS continues to eclipse its competitors while maintaining integrity. With products that are mobile, cost effective, fully integrated and easy to use, RMS is ahead of the technology curve and ready to take advantage of industry change as and when it happens.