Cheval Gloucester Park in London Now Live With RMS Cloud

News Cheval Goes Live with RMS
Cheval Collection staff  - including a Halloween ghoul - celebrate the launch of RMS Cloud at Cheval Gloucester Park. 

The rollout of RMS Cloud’s property management system across the Cheval Collection network of luxury London apartments is under way with Cheval Gloucester Park becoming the first property to go live yesterday - Halloween.

Peter Ferris, Director of Global Sales and Marketing for RMS Cloud, said the initial integration went as planned and that the installation across all eight Cheval properties will be finished before Christmas.

“A huge thanks to the entire team at Cheval Collection for all their amazing work – especially CEO George Westwell, Director of Revenue Liz Callaghan, Director of IT Gavin Allison, Revenue and Reservations Manager Daiva Macionyte,” said Ferris.

George Westwell from Cheval said choosing RMS Cloud technology was made with an eye on the future.

“We’ve made long-term decision in the best interests of Cheval – moving our technology platform to the cloud will give us the flexibility we need as the business continues to evolve,” Westwell said.

Cheval is recognised as one of the world’s leading luxury apartment and operators.

Founded in 1981, the Cheval Collection has grown steadily and now operates 512 apartments across eight Residences, all in prime London locations, consistently outperforming the overall market.