Who are RMS?

RMS is a globally renowned software company, based out of Australia. Born in the Park Industry, RMS has spearheaded both the development of property and reservations management systems for over 30 years. Currently, we host an expanse of over 6,000 properties across 30 countries globally utilising the vital ability to complete online bookings, maintain channel management and operate a front office system in a single application.


“We love it! It is incredibly easy to use, has all the features we need to not only manage our reservations, but to also manage the daily operations and the business aspects. The support team is incredibly helpful and friendly and works diligently to answer any questions you might have. We couldn't be happier with RMS.”

Jennifer Ellsworth

Rip Van Winkle Campground

RMS InteractiveMaps2

Interactive Maps

At a glance control and manage site availability across your park.
Allows your guests to book a site of their choice from the map.

RMS Parks Boomgate

Boom Gate Integration

Integrate with your existing software or use RMS endorsed systems.
Easily control park access in one single system.