Effective communication with your customers is vital for the success of your business.

Communication experts advise that for your company to thrive, you must always keep your customers in the loop.

One of the most effective means of communication is sending text messages (or SMS).

An astonishingly 98% of all text messages are seen by the receiver and read within three minutes of being received.

Compared with text messages E-mails pale into insignificance. Spam filters or the sheer number of emails hitting people’s in-boxes means many are never opened or even seen!

RMS now offers you a SMS solution. It’s extremely cost effective and inexpensive, just 10 cents a message! Your guests are far more likely to “get the message”.

Using the RMSMS Solution already built in to the RMS system, text messages can be targeted at individuals or any number of in-house guests or frequent stayers. In fact anyone and everyone who’s ever stayed with you and given their mobile number.

Imagine the possibilities! Special deals, loyalty rewards, happy hour notifications, in house events not to mention booking confirmations, late arrival messages and more.

All text replies can be automatically forwarded to an email inbox, where you or your staff can reply and follow up as required.

The RMSMS Solution is simple to access through a number of areas in your RMS application namely, the guest reservation screen, the In/Out screen, the Report Writer function and the Overdue Deposit Report.

We are so confident you’ll love the RMSMS we are offering you a weeks free trial – Click here for all the details