2-Way SMS

Activate the 2-Way SMS module for a Property in RMS.



Steps Required

Have your System Administrator complete the following.

  1. Go to Modules in RMS.
  2. Change the view to 'Available Modules'.
  3. Select '2-Way SMS'.
  4. Read & Accept the Terms & Conditions.
  5. Confirm 'Activate Module'.
  6. Review the 'Online Confirmation Form'.
    RMS Accounts will email the property's Virtual Mobile number within 1 business day.
  7. Go to Modules in RMS.
  8. Change the view back to 'Active'.
  9. Select the Configuration Cog for SMS 2-Way.
  10. Enter the Virtual Mobile Number provided by RMS Accounts.
  11. Save/Exit.




The Modules screen can be seen by the System Profile 'Manager' and the RMS User setup as the System Administrator.

For pricing and subscription information, contact sales@rmscloud.com.


Activation of the 1-Way SMS Module is required prior to activating 2-Way SMS if not already enabled.

Best Practice

Due to limitations by SMS providers the Property Name cannot be displayed as the SMS Name when using 2-Way SMS in RMS. Using the Property Name prevents the ability for recipients to reply to the SMS.

RMS recommends using the Property Name Merge Field as early as possible in the SMS Template to ensure recipients can easily identify the sender of the SMS. 

Properties using 1-Way SMS can setup their Property Name as the SMS Name in RMS as no reply is expected.



Visual Guide


Go to Modules in RMS.

Change the view to 'Available Modules'.

Select '2-Way SMS'.

Read & Accept the Terms & Conditions.

Confirm 'Activate Module'.

Review the 'Online Confirmation Form'.


A copy of this Confirmation Form will also be emailed to the RMS Contact listed as the System Administrator.

Change the view back to 'Active'.

Select Setup Cog for SMS 2-Way.

Enter the Virtual Mobile Number provided by RMS Accounts.

Select 'Save/Exit' to store the changes made.