Guest Marketing

How It Works

Sending a text message to your customer's mobile phone is a fantastic way to communicate with them. It is a quick and inexpensive way to pass information to a guest in a way that you will be sure they receive it. Unlike an e-mail that might get caught in a spam filter, text messages (or SMS) have a phenomenal delivery success rate.

Previously the problem has been that it is slow and cumbersome to send text messages one at a time from a mobile phone. RMS has the answer. It is now possible to send text messages to your guests (an individual or a number of guests) directly from RMS.

Key Features

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You can send a text from several areas within RMS including:

  • An individual reservation or guest
  • The In/Out screen
  • The report Writer
  • Overdue deposit report

Triggered Correspondence

Set up a range of rules that will automatically send text messages or emails to selected customers at specific events. For example you might like to send a thank you text to all guests in deluxe rooms 1 hour after departure. Or a confirmation text to all clients one day prior to arrival to remind them of their booking. You can setup unlimited rules with very flexible conditions. This is a very personal way to keep in communication with your guests with very little effort from you.


Terms & Conditions

Text messages are charged at 10 cents per message sent with no minimum number of texts per month. RMS will not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the client, user or anyone else as a result of using this module. RMS accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by loss or delay of sent messages. RMS has a no refund policy with regard to lost or delayed messages.


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