It’s a sad fact that many emails are never opened or even seen. Spam filters or the sheer number of emails hitting people’s in-boxes has made it more important than ever to “stand out from the Crowd”.

The key to success when messaging to a bulk audience is relevance.

With RMS Campaigns, you can now design highly visible, targeted and engaging email templates all with simple drag-and-drop tools.

The RMS Campaigns module allows you to segment your database using a range of selection options to target specific target audiences with relevant information.

You can send messages to ‘groups’ with very different needs, requirements and expectations. Segment your database using the rich information contained within your PMS with no need to export lists or use external tools.

So whether it is your corporate guests, families, tourists, honeymooners, couples, grey nomads or LGBT’s, you can strategically target your message using the power of RMS Campaigns.

Make your guest’s experience more welcoming before they even arrive. Promote your facilities, restaurants and attractions, or local attractions and events. Thank your guests for staying with you and offer them incentives to return.


Measure Results

RMS Campaigns also makes it simple to analyze the results and impact of your campaigns.

Analytics include reports on open, click through and conversion rates (numbers of people who completed a desired action), plus bounce and unsubscribe numbers and much more.

In short RMS Campaigns allows you to target your guests far more powerfully and effectively.

Increase your revenue & profits and increase customer satisfaction levels. All with less effort, complexity and cost using RMS Campaigns.