The state of the park Industry in Australia, New Zealand and the UK

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced parks to adapt and continue to evolve their operations. Even as cities and states reopen, the parks community will continue to face unprecedented challenges. 

To help the industry bounce back, we’ve refined and added new features such as contactless guest facing technology to make it easier for park operators to respond quickly to behaviour and habit changes and get back to welcoming guests. 

In addition to our ebook on "how to navigate a park reopening that ticks all the post-pandemic boxes", you can find a variety of resources and guides to help our park partners plan for reopening, navigate policy changes, handle temporary closures and drive additional revenue. We update these with new content and timely tips.

Australian park stats

  • Demand for RVs has Families/young midlife couples are biggest market - grey nomads are hindered at the moment with border restrictions, however many are now in Queensland for the season.
  • Cabin occupancy (August 2020) sitting at 40.1% occupancy nationally at 660k bed nights, only 3% less than August 2019.[i] – this is a tremendous example of the resilience of the sector
  • 62% of caravan and campers have said that covid-19 has made them more likely to take a domestic holiday than before.
  • 50% of caravan and campers have said that COVID-19 is likely to make them travel more regionally than before.
  • Australian’s kinship with caravan and camping has a long history with the modern domestic visitor economy built on the back of road trips and caravan holidays in the 1980 and 1990s.  This continues today with Caravan and Camping holidays the most popular choice of holidays for Australians in 2019. It is also the ‘driver’ of the existing but early greenshoots around some areas of Australia’s visitor economy. In the 2020 State of the Industry Report:
    • 58.7 million nights spent caravan and camping around Australia in 2019, up 11% - a record year[ii]
    • 13.9 million domestic visitors went caravan and camping in 2019, up 9.9%[iii] - another record
    • This is the highest recorded figures to date (just prior to COVID)
    • On any measure caravan and camping holidays are the most popular and largest domestic tourism sector within Australia – likely to only grow in importance and scale in the COVID economy

For more information, visit Caravan Industry Association of Australia.  

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