The process of upgrading to The Cloud and to RMS 9+ is a relatively simple one, which involves two distinct steps which can occur simultaneously: 


1. Transfer to The cloud

In order to commence the process of 'transferring to the cloud' please call or email Erin Potter (Sales Executive) who will arrange for the paperwork to be sent to you. Email or Call (03) 8399 9462 ext. 2

As soon as you have completed the paperwork and returned it to us, one of our Customer Support Agents will arrange a time which is convenient for you to preform the 'cloud transfer' with you. 


The physical cloud transfer process generally takes less than 60 minutes (one hour).

2. Upgrading to RMS 9+

The upgrade to RMS 9+ takes place at the same time as the transfer to the cloud. As part of our commitment to our customers who are upgrading, The Customer Support Agent will spend an additional hour or two (for our account, this will cost you nothing) providing you with an overview of RMS 9+ and training.


Please Note:

  • RMS 9+ is optimised for Google Chrome
  • To log into RMS 9+ please use the following weblink
  • If you are a Trust / Owner Accounting customer, please contact Customer Support to assist you with the transition


Prior to the upgrade

Moving to RMS 9+ will require some easy one-of and once only setup adjustments. In order to make the upgrade process as simple and straight forward as possible, and maximise the time that you spend training with our Customer Support Agent, please take time reading through the remainder of this page and the associated help and video links.


1. RMS 9+ Overview

Our comprehensive overview documentation provides a detailed comparison of the core features, as well as one off setup adjustments and updates. To access our Help Documentation click here


2. Copy to Training

Learning in a training database is a great way to experiment , learn and understand without any risk to your live data and your business. To access our Help Documentation click here


3. Create a Shortcut Icon

Access RMS 9+ directly through your web browser, however, if you wish, for ease of access creating a desktop shortcut will make it easy for you to find. To access our Help Documentation click here


4. Covert Form Letters

A key and important task! Attending to this earlier rather than later is best. To fully embrace the HTML letter format, we suggest creating new form letters. For a short video overview click here or for our Help Documentation please click here


5. Security Profiles

RMS 9+ contains a number of additional features which were not available in previous versions. Ensure that all users have access to the features they need. For a short video overview click here or for our Help Documentation please click here


6. Plan Your Move

By working through Steps 1 to 5 and communicating clearly with your employees, a large part of your plan is already in place.

Once you make the move to RMS 9+ you'll never look back!


For those of you that have been generating reports or performing setup in RMS9, these tasks have already directed you to RMS 9+ for quite some time. That's a task you ca cross off your transition process list as done.


For best results avoid performing the same tasks in RMS 9 and RMS9+ concurrently.


If you run into trouble, you can access RMS' extensive Help Network to assist you: